First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is....

Fastball played a gig in South Dakota last week.
I've never been there.
At least, I think I've never been there.
I've done so many gigs, I can't remember.
Anyways, it felt new to me.
We had some time during the day,  so the people organizing the event asked us if we wanted to see Mount Rushmore.
Although I was more inclined to see the Devil's Tower (because of the name, and because it was the centerpiece of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind), I agreed.
Mount Rushmore was closer and it was more.....well.....American.
On the way out there we stopped by this insanely beautiful lake.
Pactola Dam and Reservoir.
It was instructive, in the kind of inarguable way that nature can be.
It was just a lake, but it was so beautiful.
So simple.
No gift shop hawking t-shirts and postcards and coffee mugs.
No admission fee.
It just was there and it was perfect.
After that, Mount Rushmore was a let down.
A week later I'm still dreaming about this lake.
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