Kilimanjaro calling

I'm going on another hike with Love Hope Strength. This time it's Africa.

Tanzania, to be exact.

I've never been there and I'm looking forward to it.

Brett Dennen, Robin Wilson (from the Gin Blossoms) and Cy Curnin will be joining me along with many other folks that I've met through Love Hope Strength. 

In preparation for the hike, I've been running and walking a lot.

The other day I walked eight miles. It took me almost two hours.

I'm thinking maybe I should learn another language while I"m walking, just to be more productive with my time.

Love Hope Strength does great work.

They are a charity organization that raises money to fight cancer in places like Africa and Nepal.

if you want to learn more about them you can go to

If you want to donate on my behalf to Love Hope Strength, you can do so here:

Your donations are tax deductible and you will be helping to save someone's life. 


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