I am a DJ. I am what I play.

I read the news today oh boy. 

Actually it was two weeks ago but my heart still aches. 

David Bowie is gone. 

No other artist’s death has affected me this much, save for John Lennon. 

It’s interesting, I’ve had family members die, but here’s the thing:

Aunt Julie never wrote “Life On Mars”. 

I spend a lot more time with recordings than I do with people and those recordings are the soundtrack of my life. 

I couldn’t imagine a world without David Bowie, but here it is. 

He was the coolest rock star there was. 

Imaginative, intelligent, fearless and he looked amazing. 

I’ve been listening to Blackstar over and over since he died. 

He went out with a bang artistically. 

The fact that he had the mental and physical fortitude to make this album 

while he knew he was dying blows my mind. 

He was inspiring, right to the end. 

Just a few days after Bowie died, we lost one of our own here in Austin TX. 

The great DJ Paul Ray. 

I can’t really do him justice, but Kevin Curtin wrote an excellent piece on him in the Austin Chronicle. 

I would listen to his radio show, “Twine Time” almost every Saturday night. 

It was a real education. 

Paul had an encyclopedic knowledge of the artists he played. 

He could tell you who the musicians were on a track, what label it came out on and what it’s chart position was

and he did it with that amazing voice. 

He sounded like a Saturday night.

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