When I was a boy, I could not stand the silence

When I was a kid we used to cruise around my little border town. Up and down two streets. Malinche ran South, Bartlett ran North.

We'd go round and round and round searching for Carrie Fisher or at least some girl that might wanna fool around.

The soundtrack was Van Halen, AC/DC, The Scorpions, Def Leppard.

Deep down I knew we wouldn't find anything.

I should've been doing something productive, but that's what adults say, not a 16 year old dork with a fake ID.

Do people in Laredo TX still do this sort of thing?

I doubt it.

Now you have Tinder, OK Cupid,  Facebook etc.

Why cruise around when you can just make tentative plans and then cancel them as the mood dictates?

Speaking of Facebook....

Scrolling down a Facebook feed reminds me of cruising down that street.

Looking for something interesting.

On Facebook you can usually find it but to me they're both a colossal waste of time.

Yet here I am.

Just one more time around.

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